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August 04, 2004



Good site~ what I read so far...

If its main purpose is to assist the general public of "patients" who are the target of the

I'm researching the researchers...... since it is obvious that research has become the #1 factor in their scramble to get through the FDA to get their latest drug or procedure on the market. Thing is - they forget, without (us) the patient as its target - they can't make a dime unless the ins companies ok it OR they fudge on the clinical trials.

Having fallen victim to an unconsented clinical trial (with a tragic result) I am thinking of designing a patient's beware/blogg or something of the like to address "Were you aware that you were part of a clinical trial and lived to tell about it??".

My aim is to make druggers (mfgrs.) aware that we are becoming far more educated in how they formulate their research programs at our expense and lives.

There are certainly worthy methods, drugs and services in this industry - but they travel in very mixed company. We need to rid ourselves of the research "parasites" who promise cures or diagnostic services via funding organizations, phony articles, studies and re-labled drugs which are just a few of the methods of unscrupulous researchers and druggers. (i.e. If it kills somebody labeled as XYZ - simply regroup go back to the FDA and rename it ABC)

This deceptive practice to get into our "genes" (pun intended) is no worse than reloading a different gun to aim at us with the same research bullets.

Thanks for a chance to express my initial views on this site.

Comments welcome.


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