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October 11, 2004


Paul R. M. Schwebel

I have 5 Vioxx cases.
One involved death by blockage of the left main coronary artery with subsequent perforation of the ventricular septum.
Another in 2001 involved heart attack, pulmonary arrest and death
One case involved stroke, one involved a silent heart attack and two severe ischemic attacks requiring stenting and the last involved heart attack, thrombocytopenia as a complication of treatment, and two stents.
All five cases involved a daily dose of 50mg (high dose)
Two cases were filed in Federal Court with one being dismissed due to the short duration of treatment.
These cases were filed in 2002 by me.
It was particularly disturbing, that Merck saw fit to claim that Vioxx did not cause thrombotic events and that Naprosyn was cardioprotective; making it appear that Vioxx was safe. It was already clear from the Vigor study that Vioxx increased risks for heart problems.
My training as a pharmacist who practiced law alerted me that Merck was trading one subset of problems (GI) for another (heart).
I would appreciate any comments from readers.

Paul R. M. SChwebel

Moyra Mclean

I had been taking Vioxx for over 2years and in the last five months have spent three weeks in hospital and been very ill with something that no one could diagnose, until I went to a specialist and he informed me that it looks like something has happened with my bowel that he has never seen before,he took the cat scan to other specialists and he said they too had never seen anything like it seemed like my whole bowel has herniased...I had been saying to my Dr on many occasions how safe is vioxx? I am positive it has done this to me Would you have an opinion on this....On top of that three weeks ago my left hand started to shake for no reason, My GP treated it as stroke, and has given me tablets to carry with me now whenever it happens...

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