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October 14, 2004


Jeff Donohue

Doesn't a medic alert badge do much the same thing, except (i) it doesn't require a fancy reader device; (ii) it's unlikely to be rejected by the body (except for those folks who are allergic to the metals or plastics used in their manufacture); and (iii) it may not survive (or stay on the arm) in an extreme circumstance (e.g., accidents involving amputation)?

Is this a solution for a problem we don't really have?

Contrast this to something that I've thought would be useful: a LoJack like system for finding missing children or Alzheimers'/autism patients who wander. But there you need something that would broadcase quite far -- and a related power source which might be a tad big.

And if your Dan Brown concern materializes, I'm sure the various consumer protection lobbies will lobby the Beast for a limit on liablility (e.g., my debit and credit cards, which are limited to $50 absent my gross negligence or willful misconduct).

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