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February 11, 2005


Norman muzhinji

Ope source concept is a good idea easpecially forb us developing nations who are spending alot of money demanding royalties and interlectual property rigts from developed nations who are patenting their inovations.The open source concept will definately work but of course with laid down regulation from the innovator because many novel products , processes can be established from yhe existin methodologies

Norma muzhinji
BSc Hos (nUST)currently studying for a Masters degree in Biotechnology at the university of Zimbabwe

mqondisi tshabalala

In a way the concept asserts development in science.Imagine what kind of development would have resulted if Isaac Newton, Watson and Crick had to restrict or keep secrete their discoveries?-to name only a few.It partly restricts competetiveness in research as there are no financial gains or prestige associated with novel discoveries.As a result the concept has its prons and cons depending on the class of people it targets.

Tshabalala M
BSc Hons (University of Zimbabwe)
MSc Biotechnology University of Zimbabwe-current studies

pacho nato

normara talk to me pliz

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